Friday, July 10, 2009

Pharmaceutical Sampling: the Good and the Bad

It is common for pharmaceutical companies to provide physicians with samples of their new products to give to patients. This can help patients without the means to pay for the pharmaceutical, or can be used to try out a new medication to see if the patient responds to it as expected.

The downside of pharmaceutical sampling is that only the expensive, latest pharmaceuticals are handed out as samples. This can be problematic, because once a patient is on a new medication, and they seem to be doing well, then it is unlikely that the physician or the patient will want to then switch to a different, generic pharmaceutical.

By promoting the sampling of generic medications, patients are started out on the less expensive medications. The pharmaceuticals that have been tested and proven safe over a long period of time. Patients are more likely to end up on a less expensive, generic medication. Antibiotic resistance is less likely to occur.

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